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Cerebral Vascular Accident

"We love Cathy and for good reason, beyond an excellent therapist, she is an advocate, a medical resource and a genuine friend."   - Terry and Diane Golden 

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Traumatic Brain Injury

"When it comes to speech-language pathologists, unequivocally Cathy Salciccia is my hero." - Peter W. Robbins

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"I have used Cathy Salciccia for speech pathology services over the past 14 years. I have three children -- one with ADHD, one who had mild dyslexia and one who was diagnosed with autism. She first saw my daughter with dyslexia and identified the problems she was having recalling sounds and naming letters when she was in the first grade. She referred her to neurospychology and worked with her to improve her reading and writing. She advocated for an IEP with school team members who continued to work with her. I am proud to say that my daughter was on honor roll and continues to have good grades in high school. My oldest son with ADHD came to Cathy with difficulties with reading comprehension and writing. He also had difficulty expressing himself. Cathy taught him strategies to improve his talking and writing. She recognized that he was very bright and that it was hard for him to be motivated when his school performance was not measuring up to his level of intelligence and ability. He has since won an award in his vocational technical high school. Finally, my third son was staring off into space in preschool. Because of the family history of attention problems, I thought that this was his problem. Cathy immediately identified that he was having seizures when she saw his finger rubbing the table repetitively. She took data and referred him to the pediatrician for an EEG. He was found to have a seizure disorder and later on, autism. Cathy has advocated for his educational services and continues to review his IEP. She is adapting methods for him to learn math and has taught him to retell stories using silent cartoons. She was quickly able to identify my children's problems, implement therapy and referrals. Cathy's passion and experience has been a great asset in helping my kids to reach their goals." - Molly Lufkin



"Cathy is an exceptionally gifted speech pathologist. She has the ability to evaluate the needs of her clients and quickly derive the most effective solutions. She is not confined to any ideology or clinical methodology, but will investigate any and every helpful angle. Her holistic approach to treating her patients is a refreshing and rewarding experience to be a part of, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to have consulted with her. As an aside, she is a consummate musician, proficient on a variety of instruments and voice, and utilizes intuition from that source in her practice. When she holds an instrument she makes miracles happen." - Dr. Hale Aylanc

“Cathy Salciccia is unique among speech and language pathologists. Few clinicians truly understand the complex interrelationships among language, thought, executive functions, sensory integration and behavior. This interferes with successful treatment because children and adults who have problems in one of these areas are at greater risk for problems in the other areas also. Cathy’s creative and well-informed approach to diagnosis and treatment is the result of her keen intellect and amazing knowledge base; her excellent training at Columbia University, and her varied clinical experience ranging from Goldwater Memorial Hospital to the MGH Institute of Health Professions. For the child on the autism spectrum struggling to develop communication skills, or the middle school student struggling to keep up with increasing academic demands, or the business executive recovering from a stroke, or the actress attempting to master a new accent—Cathy will help any individual achieve their goals more efficiently and more effectively than anyone else.” -  Lori R. Muskat, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist and Professor, Georgia School of Professional Psychology

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